The world against me rages, its fury I disdain;
Though bitter war it wages, its work is all in vain.
My heart from care is free, no trouble troubles me.
Misfortune now is play, and night is bright as day.

--Awake, My Heart, with Gladness (Auf, Auf, Mein Herz, mit Freuden), Paul Gerhardt

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A truth capable of possessing men

As I look through donated books:

“The great need of our time is not for men who think they have the truth; it is for a truth capable of possessing men.”

I found that formulation interesting.  Hoping to post here more soon.  Intentions becoming reality.

Hazelton, Roger, Renewing the mind: an essay in Christian philosophy, Macmillan, 1949, p. 17

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