The world against me rages, its fury I disdain;
Though bitter war it wages, its work is all in vain.
My heart from care is free, no trouble troubles me.
Misfortune now is play, and night is bright as day.

--Awake, My Heart, with Gladness (Auf, Auf, Mein Herz, mit Freuden), Paul Gerhardt

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Started a new blog - first post on "fake news"

The first post is about "fake news" here. Check it out (the content syncs well with this blog, but I'm too lazy to post it here to : ) ).

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Paper for RSR: The New Framework: a Truth-less Construction Just Waiting to be Scrapped?

Excited to see this:

From that page...
Nathan Aaron Rinne ( Concordia University Saint Paul Saint Paul United States )
Nathan Aaron Rinne , (2017) "The New Framework: a Truth-less Construction Just Waiting to be Scrapped?", Reference Services Review, Vol. 45 Iss: 1, pp. -
Now that the new ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education has replaced the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, this document will play an increasingly important role. This paper seeks to show that in spite of the Framework seeking to provide a deep understanding of information and knowledge, it still falls short – particularly because the statement that “Authority is Constructed and Contextual,” with its failure to acknowledge the significance of truth’s relation to authority, is untenable.
A philosophical overview dealing with matters of librarianship, knowledge, and truth is provided in section I. The paper then attempts to demonstrate that the idea of truth is inextricably connected with issues of authority.
The paper attempts to persuade the reader that the Framework cannot: circumvent the issue of truth (section II) ; avoid attempting to make ethical claims which are true (section III) ; reduce all truth claims to “power-plays” (section IV) ; and escape “traditional notions of granting authority” (section V).
The Framework should acknowledge the importance of truth, which would, at the very least, necessarily involve revising the frame “Authority is Constructed and Contextual”. Librarians are also encouraged to reflect on the nature of both truth claims and ethical claims.
This paper attempts to offer an important and accessible philosophical analysis of the Framework that will require the engagement of the wider library community.